I have experience editing nonfiction, fiction, and poetry for self-published authors, publishers, and literary magazines. Here are some of the projects I’ve worked on recently.

I copyedited and proofread How to Raise a Founder With Heart and designed the interior layout.
I copyedited The Indispensable Brand.
I proofread this science fiction novel.

I read submissions, edited stories and poems, and proofread the first three editions of Capsule Stories, a literary magazine. I designed the layout for Capsule Stories Spring 2019 Edition, Summer 2019 Edition, and Autumn 2019 Edition.

Potpourri 2017, Potpourri 2016, and Potpourri 2015

I edited our campus creative writing journal, Potpourri, which is published by Concordia’s chapter of Sigma Tau Delta, for three years. I read, evaluated, and copy edited submissions. I proofread the final PDF before printing. In 2017, I served as a managing editor and trained another editor in the editorial process. In 2016, I handled all communications remotely through email as I was studying abroad in Europe during the semester. In 2015, I designed the layout of the journal by myself on InDesign. 

The Sigma Tau Delta Rectangle and The Sigma Tau Delta Review 2017

I edited pieces for publication, completed layout and design, and proofread the creative writing journal The Sigma Tau Delta Rectangle and the critical essays journal The Sigma Tau Delta Review.

Forthcoming Book Projects

I provided a developmental edit and line edit of the novel Brother Cobweb: A Novel by Alfred Eaker, forthcoming in spring 2020.

I provided a developmental edit on a historical fiction manuscript in spring 2019.

I line edited a forthcoming collection of memoir short stories in fall 2019.

I proofread Shirley Baker’s memoir, I Always Knew What I Didn’t Want: Adventures of an Unlikely Librarian, forthcoming in Winter 2019.

I proofread a book on church architecture, Art + Science + Faith: Creating Church Environments by Todd Carlson.

I am a special project proofreader for the Luna Station Quarterly anthology.

Print Book Design

I have worked on a handful of print book design layouts, including a self-published nonfiction book, literary magazines, and poetry. Check out my portfolio here.