I designed the interior of How to Raise a Founder With Heart by Jim Marggraff and contributed to the book’s back cover design.

I designed the layout for Capsule Stories Spring 2019 Edition, Summer 2019 Edition, and Autumn 2019 Edition.

I redesigned the layout of the body of Sigma Tau Delta’s 2017 critical essays and creative writing journals on InDesign, creating a template design complete with paragraph styles that can be emptied and reused as needed. I worked with another editorial intern to complete the layout of the two journals.

I designed, formatted, and edited Concordia’s creative writing journal Potpourri 2015 completely from scratch by myself in April 2015 on InDesign. I did not have access to digital copies of any previous issues of Potpourri, so I decided to design my own creative writing journal based on elements I liked from literary magazines I had seen. I attempted to keep the lines and fonts light so as not to detract from the wonderful poetry and prose. I used simple but relevant artwork submitted by a Concordia student to separate different sections of the journal.