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Live from #ACESVCon23! Tweets and Skeets from the Virtual ACES Conference

I attended the virtual ACES conference, ACES VCON 2023, in September 2023, and had a great time! I live tweeted/live skeeted (?) a few of the sessions I attended on Twitter and Bluesky.

A few caveats: Who knows how long Twitter will be a thing. And you’ll only be able to see the Bluesky threads if you’ve got a profile on the platform (as of posting in September 2023, at least). To see the full threads, click on the linked Twitter post and click on the purple hyperlink below the tweet.

📌 Beyond the Gender Binary: Editing for More Inclusive Fiction by Tanya Gold and Eliot West

📌 Feel Good Where You Work: The Secret Ingredient to Editing Well Over the Long Haul by Hannah de Keijzer

📌 Both Sides of the Page: From Editor to Author and Back Again by Brenna Bailey-Davies, Genevieve Clovis, Laura Bontje, and Molly Rookwood

📌 Confident Querying, Without the Ego by Christine Steele and Lourdes Venard

📌 Supporting Neurodivergent Authors by Cate Ryan

📌 Know What You’re Getting Into—Learn How to Identify Your Boundaries and Vet Indie Projects for Sensitive Themes by Amelia Winters

📌 Editing with Empathy: How to Craft a Positive Editor and Author Relationship by Erin Servais