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I graduated with a bachelor’s degree in both English and history from Concordia University in Seward, Nebraska. History and English fit very well together as history gives me context for understanding the authors and literature of various times and English allows me to look at larger trends and themes across the historical periods I study. My liberal arts education gives me a well-rounded way of looking at different aspects of the world and bring them all together into my ever-changing perspective on life and people.

As one of my English professors Dr. Thurber says, “History tells us what has happened, literature tells us what always happens.” I would like be the one who helps writers tell what always happens. I have wanted to be an editor since I got my first taste of copy editing for my high school newspaper. Since then, I have pursued jobs, internships, and opportunities to get experience with various types of editing. I have immensely enjoyed working with people in the publishing industry as well as working with my English professors and fellow students to publish students’ materials on campus.

I am the oldest of four children, so I am used to taking responsibility and being in charge. I enjoy being independent and working by myself, although I am able to work in groups as either a leader or a follower, depending on the makeup and needs of the group. I am also organized, assertive, and detail-oriented.

I grew up in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, a city of about 125,000 people and have lived in Seward, Nebraska, a town of around 7,000, so I am familiar with life in smaller Midwest towns and cities.

In May 2015 I got my first taste of traveling (well, traveling without family) when I went on a two week theatre and literary study tour to New England. Our group of students, an English professor, and a theatre professor drove in two vans from Nebraska to Chicago, Pittsburgh, New York City, Boston, and such, seeing historic and literary sites during the day and attending theatre shows at night. I got to see a new part of the United States that I had not previously experienced as well as connect more with literature by understanding where people like Emily Dickinson and Mark Twain lived.

The day the study tour was over, I drove down to St. Louis for the summer and started my internship at Concordia Publishing House the next day. Living in a city was invigorating and experiencing a real publishing house in action was fantastic. I also became close friends with my fellow interns at CPH and enjoyed exploring the city with them.

My adventurous year continued as I left on January 1, 2016 to study abroad and travel in Europe. This opportunity allowed me to expand my mind in different places and cultures, which is valuable in both the study of English and history. Even though I was abroad, I still copy edited stories for The Sower remotely and worked on Sigma Tau social media and projects, including serving as an editor for our chapter of Sigma Tau’s annual creative writing journal, Potpourri 2016.

Once I returned from studying abroad, I was one of two of the editorial interns chosen from a pool of 250 applicants to work for the English honor society’s Sigma Tau Delta’s two publications, The Sigma Tau Delta Review and The Sigma Tau Delta Rectangle. This paid, remote editorial internship that lasted from May 2016 to January 2017 was a perfect opportunity to get more experience in all parts of the publishing process and get involved with Sigma Tau Delta’s organization on the international level since I have been so focused on expanding our campus’ chapter.

I was offered a position at Concordia Publishing House as an editorial assistant slash “super-intern” in the curriculum resources department over summer 2016. I worked with senior editors on projects and once again got to experience working in a professional environment.

I also picked up two remote internships with St. Louis publishers, Pen & Publish, Inc. and Amphorae Publishing Group. Since I was working at Concordia Publishing House, I focused on growing Pen & Publish and Amphorae’s social media accounts during the summer. These opportunities led to an offer to do freelance social media and marketing work for author Erica Obey, an author with Amphorae, during the school year.

During my senior year, I juggled various internships and roles as managing editor of The Sower, editor of Sigma Tau’s Potpourri 2017, my internship with Sigma Tau Delta, my freelance social media and marketing job, my duties as president of Sigma Tau, and, of course, classes. I completed a capstone course in spring 2017 that included a publishing project and study of textual criticism theory.

After graduation in 2017, I worked on some side projects in addition to my full-time employment as a final editor at a content marketing company. I wrote a career advice column for The Sower my first semester after graduating college. I also volunteered as the publisher of Hampton Lutheran School’s blog, which includes writing and editing blog posts, promoting the blog and school on social media, and editing and contributing to the school’s written and digital communications. Additionally, I freelanced for author Erica Obey and helped her market her books on social media.

I am currently a freelance editor and am accepting both publishing house and indie author clients. I am an editor at Capsule Stories, a proofreader for Luna Station Quarterly, and a reader for Boulevard. I am the content marketing editor for Hampton Lutheran School and publish its blog.